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TC 2 Seater Sports Car
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On the face of it, the difference between TF and TC is mere detail, but put the two cars beside each other and the differences will spring out between these two unique British sports kit cars:

The TF is likely to have a B series 1800 engine, which can be super-charged both for relaxation and get up and go (and if that is a paradox, click here for Super Charged Engine), whilst the TC will most likely have a Rover V8 under the bonnet. That bonnet is part of an elegant cigar-tube on wheels designed simply to go and GO AND GO .
Whatever words follow, you really need to come and drive our fuel-injected, independently sprung, aero-screen equipped TC to appreciate what the TC is really about, but I will try and convey it in writing.

The basis of any great car is a strong chassis and suspension that allows the tyres to grip the road without hysterics and a spine pummelling!! Add classic styling and you are most of the way there. The engine needs to be willing and powerful, without mishap at being asked to potter in traffic and then get up and go. The gearbox needs to be smooth and manageable. The steering needs to be precise and the brakes responsive. What more does one need? Aeroscreens to keep the flies off the goggles/helmet, comfortable seats, and a simple, nicely finished cockpit. That is the TC – nothing more and nothing less.

Yes, if you must, she can have a windscreen and hood to keep the weather out and side-screens to keep the windscreen-induced buffeting away.

Dimensions Length - 12'0" (3660) overall. Width – 4’11” (1500) overall. Height with hood – 3’11” (1193).
Engine / Gearboxes 4 cylinder 1800 'B' series, twin SUs 95 BHP, or 110 BHP super-charged - 4 speed with optional overdrive. 4 cylinder 1400-1800 ‘K’ series fuel injected 103-145 BHP – 5 speed. V8 3500-4500 carburettor or fuel injected 150-300 BHP – 5 speed
Performance 4 cylinder: 0-60 in under 10 seconds with top speed around 100 mph. 8 cylinder: 0-60 in under 6 seconds with top speed 130+ mph
Chassis Cruciform ladder. Mig welded heavy gauge, fully shut box section tubular steel, incorporating seat and seat belt anchorages
Suspension (front) Independent, coil sprung, double wishbones with lever arm dampers or adjustable telescopic dampers. Optional fabricated wishbones and coil over dampers.
Suspension (rear) Live axle, leaf springs and panhard rod with lever arm or telescopic dampers. Optional independent with double wishbones and adjustable coil over dampers.
Brakes Dual circuit, disc front drum rear. Optional vented disc front and disc rear.
Wheels Standard: 14x4½" wire wheels with 165/175 x 14 radial ply tyres Optional: Various alloy up to 17 x 9 with 255 x 45 x 17 radial ply tyres.
Windscreen Fixed flat screen constructed in chrome plated brass with laminated glass incorporating mirror and hood fittings or optional aeroscreens.
Coachwork 2 seater sports car body of glass fibre construction with cycle wings and aluminium bonnet panels and optional side mounted spare wheel and doors.

Classic styling Elegance and tradition
Engineering integrity Over 20 years experience
Tough reliability From one of 500,000 MGBs
Dependable handling Rally proven design
Ruggedness Stiff chassis and one piece body tub
Ease of build Designed into the kit
Buy as you build Staged purchase packages available
Helpline Friendly and supportive service
Build manual Easy step by step guide to build
SVA SVA friendly design
Single donor Rugged, reliable, available indefinitely
Donor packages Tailor made sets available
Value for money Top quality at a realistic price
Owners club 500+ nationwide membership
Long established Over 2000 NGs sold since 1979
Fun to drive Classic motoring at its best

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